Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Show-and-Tell #32 - Disney Princess Camera

I apologize for not getting this out sooner, my computer crashed on Saturday and I am still without it.  The nerve of my IT guy to have his baby the same day my computer crashed....sheesh, some people (ha, ha)!  Luckily I have been supplied with a loaner, but since it isn't mine and doesn't have all capabilities that my other computer had, I am keeping pictures and blogging to a minimum.  But I thought I could, at least, get a couple of short blogs out. 

Last Friday Emerson decided she wanted to take her Disney Princess camera to school.  Emerson is very interested in taking pictures right now and I am not brave enough to let her hold my fancy camera JUST YET.  So she uses this camera that she got for Christmas in her Disney package and she takes pictures of everything in our house; Danny, Me, Hogan, her dolls, her toys, her chair, everything.  Each time she takes a picture, the camera talks back with one of several different phrases: "How Beautiful!!", "Oh, you look wonderful!", "Say Cheese!", "You're as pretty as a princess!", and, of course, "Smile!".   Hopefully soon I can get Emerson her own small camera and she can start to take real pictures.  Hopefully she will enjoy taking pictures as much as her mom does.

Show-and-Tell #32
Disney Princess Camera
April 9, 2010

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