Saturday, April 24, 2010

Show-and-Tell #34 - Toy Airplane

Danny has been traveling ALOT for work lately.  In fact, he has been gone for, at least, a part of every week in April.  Emerson is constantly telling me, "Mommy, Daddy is on an airplane but he's coming back soon." We all know Danny's history of bringing Emerson presents home from his trips and this time was no different.  As long as I could report back to Danny that Emerson had been a good girl for me in his absence, he would bring her back a surcee (that's surprise for all you non-southerners)!  Emerson was super excited this time when Danny brought her back a "light-up/take-off" airplane and the Dr. Seuss classic Fox in Socks.  Emerson instantly fell in love with the airplane and hasn't put it down since her dads return on Thursday.  So, as you can imagine, the airplane was this week's first choice when it came to picking out a Show-and-Tell item for school. 

Show-and-Tell #34
April 23, 2010
Delta Toy Airplane

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