Saturday, May 29, 2010

I (HEART) New York

Last Saturday, May 15th (I know! I am SO behind on blogging), my mom and I hopped on a plane with my aunt and uncle for a 36-hour adventure in the Big Apple.  We were headed to see my cousin, Alice, perform in her first Off-Broadway show!  She's a cellist, and has lived in New York City for a very long time, attending college there and then staying to pursue her music career.  We were all very excited for her "Off-Broadway" debut. 

I have such fond memories from my childhood of travelling to New York City.  My parents and I took our first trip at least 15 years ago, staying right in Times Square. I still remember the three shows we saw: The Phantom of the Opera, Guys and Dolls, and How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (with Matthew Broderick).  Being a dancer for most of my life, I have always loved the arts, but it was that trip that introduced me to the magic of Broadway Theatre. I was hooked!! Every trip back to New York since, I've managed to see at least one show.  But it isn't just the theatre that made me fall in love with New York.  The hustle and bustle, the lights, Central Park, the shopping, the culture, the diversity, the buildings, the shopping, the food, it's unbelievable greatness (8 million people live on that small island), Times Square, the cheesecake, oh, and you can't forget, THE SHOPPING!!!  But, I digress.

So, we were off to experience this great city for a very short and fast 36 hours. 

While Edward and Stephanie met Alice for brunch with friends and then the ballet, my mom and I decided to hit Fifth Avenue (among other places) for some shopping!!!  We hit all the greats, Tiffany & Co., Bergdorfs, FAO Schwarz, Henri Bendel, Saks 5th Avenue, Bloomingdale's, and Dylan's Candy Bar.  We stopped to eat lunch at The Summer Garden in Rockefeller Center (better known as the ice skating rink in the winter).  We truly walked all over Fifth Avenue and with my mom's not-quite-healed-yet broken ankle, it wasn't an easy feat for her.  She was certainly a trooper knowing we were trying to cram everything into such a short time frame. 
FAO Schwarz

The Barbie Section at FAO
They had my first Barbie (Peaches n' Cream Barbie) in her original packaging....I almost bought her for Emerson, but decided to wait.

Some sites from our shopping expedition!!

After our shopping expedition, we headed back to our hotel, rested a bit, and then got ready for Alice's big debut.  The entire play, El Poeta y El Compositor, was in Spanish.  Although we didn't understand a word of the play, it was great to see Alice and she did an awesome job, playing for every musical number.  After the show, we all headed to one of our favorite eating establishments in New York, Carmine's.  It was certainly a very long day, but I had a blast and it was nice to have some quality family time. 

The next morning we all slept in a bit (as much as you can sleep-in in New York City).  We had an 11:30 brunch reservation at Paradou in the meatpacking district, so we had time to spare that morning to be lazy.  The brunch was great, other than our crazy cab rides down (we had to split up), the "witch" we had for a hostess, and a slight confrontation with her, but the meal and the atmosphere were terrific.  After brunch, we had some time to spare before heading to the airport.  We decided to walk around the area for a bit and of course, my camera was constantly clicking...

A fashion company was doing a shoot for their line....I decided to take some pictures too.  These women were tall and beautiful and the clothing was certainly UNIQUE.

My mom had the great idea to stop on the street and do an impromptu photo shoot for Alice.  The red painted brick and the steel garage door offered a great backdrop.  This is just a sneak peek...I will blog with all the others.  There were too many good ones to put them all on this post.  Great idea Mom!!!  Alice, I hope you can use some these on your blog and website!!

I had a great time with my mom, and the rest of my family on this trip.  Although, I love my sweet little girl and dear husband, it is always nice to have a small break and getaway for some fun of your own...but don't get me wrong, I missed them both dearly in my 36 hours absence and it was nice to come home.  Emerson gave me a very welcome homecoming with lots of hugs and kisses and was attached at my hip for the next two days.  Now I know how Danny feels to come home to a very lovey little girl!!!  Thanks for letting me steal a moment of fun in the Big Apple and thanks to my mom for treating me to such a fun 36 hour adventure!!!
Some of my favorites from the trip.....

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  1. Looks like you had a great time! It's been awhile since I've been to New York... I loved the plays that I got to see.