Monday, May 31, 2010

A Mattress Debacle

After our road trip to Charlotte, we decided we were going to get Emerson's new big girl mattress and box springs from somewhere other than IKEA. So the next day, Sunday, we did some research online and were trying to find somewhat cheap sets.  Knowing that wetting the bed is in our near future, we didn't want to spend an arm and a leg on anything. We found an ad on Craigslist advertising mattress and box spring sets on sale "for that weekend only" for a fairly decent price. We made a phone call at 4:04 pm only to find out that the sale was running through 6:00 pm that night and then it was off we went. Sketchy is the only word I know to describe the warehouse we ended up in Raleigh, but the mattresses were certainly new and in their original plastic wrap and were a great we bit the bullet and bought one. The guy who was working there (a very favorable resemblance to 50 Cent) put both the mattress and box spring on our car and tied them down. He did a much better job than Danny or I could have ever done but I still had my doubts about us driving the 35 miles back home. We made it about 10 miles and I told Danny we needed to pull over, the entire set had shifted and was hanging off the car about 3 inches. So, we pulled over, re-shifted it back on top of the car and were back on our way.

Danny went 50 mph the whole way home. The plastic was making an awful sound as it flapped against our car. We were a mile from home, A MILE, and then I heard the worst noise ever and all I could see in the side view mirror was the mattress and box spring literally flying in the air behind us until they made their landing in the middle of I-40. I am not kidding, the middle of I-40. Oh, did I forget to say that it had just started torrentially downpouring....yes, forgot to mention that part. Danny quickly pulled off onto the shoulder of the interstate and ran the 1/4 mile to get both the mattress and box spring.  It was Sunday evening, and I-40 was being heavily travelled.  Luckily all the cars stopped so Danny could run out and grab the set on the road.   Even more lucky is that the mattress and box spring didn't end up on someone's car or make them swerve and hit someone else's car.   I can't believe no one was hurt and we said our prayers of really is a miracle. 

Emerson had no clue what was going on, so she was full of questions.  I hopped in the driver seat and backed the car up to where Danny was on the side of the road.  Backing up on the shoulder of a major highway with a toddler asking questions at rapid fire is a pretty scary thing.  We knew we couldn't fit the set in the back of our SUV, and getting them on our car and tied back down was going to be impossible.  We ended up calling our neighbor/builder, Jasper, who has a huge truck.  Emerson was still pretty confused with what was going on and we had this little conversation while we waited for Jasper: 

Emerson: Mommy, did my big girl bed fall off the car?
Me: Yes, Emerson it did, but Daddy's getting it.
Emerson: But, it's going to get wet.
Me: Well, it had plastic on it so it won't be that wet, but if it is, we will just dry it out a bit. 
Emerson:  It's okay Mommy, we can just go get another one.

(Oh, so much to teach the little one...especially when it comes to spending money!!)

Finally Jasper showed up to rescue us!!  Thank God for Jasper...I know we've said that on more than one occasion.  Danny threw the set in the back of Jasper's truck and he hauled it the next mile to our house.  We assessed the damage, which thankfully was minimal.  We do think the mattress got run over by a car and surprisingly, the box spring only had a small bit of fraying on the fabric.  We are so fortunate we didn't hurt anyone and we have certainly learned our lesson about tying things to our car.  What a day!

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