Saturday, May 1, 2010

Outdoor Water Fun!!!

After strawberry pickin' with the Herman girls this morning, Amy suggested that later in the afternoon we let the girls get in the baby pool and run through our sprinkler toys.  We decided to get the pool out before nap, so the water could warm up for later.  I am sure it was a sight  to see us girls trying to blow up the pool and the beach ball sprinkler toy.  We tried our air pump but that didn't work so Amy tackled the pool with her hot air and I tackled the blow-up beach ball with mine.  At least our husbands won't have to worry about our hot air when they get home...we left it outside with the pool and toys (ha!).

So, after nap (ahem, singing in her crib for 2 hours), we headed outside for some outdoor water fun.  Emerson, Ivie and Macie were a bit hesitant of the pool at first; all three of them just stood there for a minute.  Emerson and Macie continued their hesitance, but Ivie was full force going between the pool and the beach ball sprinkler.  I think Ivie certainly had the best time out of the three of them.  Emerson just went in and out of the pool and would never really sit down.  Hopefully when we pull the pool out tomorrow, Emerson will feel a bit more inclined to "swim" around a bit.  I hope this isn't foreshadowing for future swim lessons!!

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