Sunday, May 23, 2010

Show-and-Tell #37: My Child Doll

Last week Emerson went back to the vault-that-was-Mommy's-past-toys for her Show-and-Tell item.  She decided to take "Stacey" for Show-and-Tell.  I LOVED this doll growing up, her face alone would melt your heart. I fondly remember playing with her, but old age has taken over in my brain and I can't remember her name.  So, when Emerson asked me her name, I said Stacey.  I remember having a doll named Stacey and I thought she just might be it, but I have since remembered that this wasn't my Stacey doll...that's another doll tucked away in the vault.  So, even though Emerson is calling her Stacey, I decided to do some Internet research to find this dolls real name. 

Wow, did I open up a can of worms!  I knew "Stacey" was a collectible, but I never knew I would find so much information on the doll.  According to Wikipedia, My Child Dolls were created by Mattel from 1985 - 1988 to compete with the ever famous Cabbage Patch Kids (at the time made by Coleco but later taken over by Hasbro and then eventually Mattel, go figure).  I also have a ton of Cabbage Patch Kids in my vault...I am sure they will make a Show-and-Tell appearance in the future.  Okay back to "Stacey",  these My Child Dolls have a huge following: collectors websites, restoration websites, a Facebook fan page (which I joined so that I can find out her name), and even a petition to get them re-released (would love for that to happen!!).  These people are crazy about these dolls and restoration is a serious business.  Whoa.  Actually, with all my research, I came to find that my doll is in pretty good shape (remember, I told you I LOVED her) and in very sellable condition.  Selling is also a big business too, some of them going for more than $200!   There are websites devoted to restoring these dolls with tips and tricks from getting their hair back to its original condition, to dealing with a "sagging neck" or "melting eyes".  Check out some of these restorations:

A very old photo of the My Child Doll line
 (aren't they just the cutest!!)

(source: My Child Workshop)

I told you restoration was BIG business.  It is amazing what they can do to restore these little angels.  I have been inspired to do some restoring myself.  We'll see how it turns out and, of course, I will update you on any progress and hopefully we will get an ORIGINAL name for "Stacey" soon!!

My Child Doll resource pages:

Show-and-Tell #37
My Child Doll
May 14, 2010

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