Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Storybook Princess Party

Hear Ye, Hear Ye....This past Saturday Princess Emerson was a special guest at a very "royal" celebration.  Princess Haegan hosted her 3rd birthday at her parent's castle.  She requested that all the princesses in attendance wear proper princess attire to the storybook party.  The princesses obliged and showed up in their best gowns for the magical birthday party. 

The Royal Court
(Princesses Reagan, Emerson, Kayla, and Haegan - Julianne and Aurora showed up later)

The princesses were hailed with a special surprise when Cinderella (the grandest of them all) showed up to surprise Princess Haegan.  You should have seen the look on Princess Haegan's face when she first caught sight of Cinderella; she was very excited that Cinderella would attend her royal celebration.  All the princesses took turns taking their portrait with Cinderella and she was very patient and kind to all the younger princesses. 

The Princesses had a splendid time playing in the mini royal castle.  Of course they loved that it was pink and white, their favorite colors.  They made cookies in the kitchen and drank tea.  Cinderella even came in to partake in the fun. 

Princess Haegan had a very regal birthday cake.  The royal village baker made her a cake that was shaped like her castle and had all her friends adorned on it.  What a very lucky little princess!!!

I love this picture of Princess Haegan
and her mom, Queen Kerry. 

Princess Emerson indulged in two BIG pieces of the royal cake. 

After partaking in the royal cake, it was time for some noble court games.  All the princesses took their turn batting at the Cinderella pinata.  Princess Reagan showed all the other princesses how to swing the bat, her father is a local baseball coach.  The girls kept swinging away until all the royal candy came tumbling out...then all the princesses hit the ground to collect their candy riches!

After jester game fun, it was time for Cinderella to head back to her castle, as she had a royal ball to attend that evening.  All the princesses requested one last picture with her before she left; she obliged graciously. 

Some of my favorite pictures of
Princess Emerson from the royal bash!

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  1. SOOOO CUTE! What a great party! Emmerson looks like a princess for sure. I love that picture of Haegan and Mommmy- so sweet! Looks like they had a great time! Miss those youngens!!!!