Friday, June 4, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great time this past 3-day holiday weekend.   We were invited to three cookouts in three days.  I think I probably gained 5 lbs. from just looking at the food at all these events.  Whew!!

A Cookout with Aurora
Saturday afternoon we were invited to a cookout thrown by Aurora's aunt.  Aurora is one of Emerson's favorite friends from school.  Aurora's parents and Danny and I get the girls together occasionally and Danny and Sean, Aurora's dad, have become frequent pub crawlers together.  Emerson and Aurora had a great time playing with each other, running all over the yard, eating outside, and helping their dads keep the sun behind the clouds (Danny and Sean had the girls screaming at the clouds to "Stay right there clouds", when they would sneak in front of the sun).  Emerson was my little cheese monger that day.  The hosts had cheese and crackers set out on their coffee table, and every time I would look over at Emerson, she would be shoving another piece of cheese into her mouth.  I swear I think she ate an entire block of cheese that day.  It was a great time with LOTS (tables full) of great food and even better company.  

The Seagroves' Cookout
Sunday evening we were invited to a cookout at our friends', the Seagroves, house.  They had a swing set, so you know Emerson had a great time!!  She fell in love with Ms. Mary, and I think she may have said, "Ms. Mary" about 100 times, following her all over the house and yard.  The food was great, hot dogs and hamburgers with great sides, but the best side of all, were the margaritas!!  All the kids had a great time playing outside and running around.  A big thanks to Julia Tillman for keeping Emerson occupied and playing with her on the playground, she will make a great babysitter one day.  I think the best part of the evening, for the kids at least, was making S'mores.  Emerson had a great time making hers, but didn't enjoy the eating so much.  She'll learn one day that S'mores are the best!!  Emerson really enjoyed herself and tried as hard as she could to keep up with the big kids.  And, she is still asking about Ms. Mary.  What a great night with great friends!!
Caroline and Cole

Sarah and Abby, the Seagroves twins

Makin' S'mores!!!


Dinner at Grammy and Papa's House
Monday evening we headed over to Grammy and Papa's house for our last event of the weekend.  Grammy made steaks on the grill with grilled corn on the cob and salad.  Yummy!!  And, since my birthday was right around the corner, Grammy made a giant cookie that we all indulged in.  Emerson always has a great time running around at Grammy and Papa's, especially with Buck and Brutus. 

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