Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Little Picasso

I promised Emerson for two weekends straight we could paint outside on the easel Santa brought her, but it seemed like something came up each weekend and we didn't get the opportunity.  So, yesterday morning we headed outside trying to kill some hours before Danny was scheduled to be home at 11:00 (which ended up not being 'til 2:30 due to a delay in Green Bay).  Emerson was ecstatic about getting out her easel, paint brushes, smock and craft paper roll to head out to the porch for a morning of painting. 

We started with basic colors red, yellow and blue because they were part of a painting set that Santa also brought.  We put on her new IKEA smock, and she was ready ready to paint. 

After painting two pictures with her basic red, yellow and blue set, it was time to add some more color.   I remembered that we had another paint set upstairs, so I brought out purple, orange, and green.  We headed inside for a five minute break because it was getting super hot outside, even in the shade on our porch (the smock also came off due to the heat).  Emerson loved the new colors and her paintings were certainly more colorful.  Several times I caught her with her tongue out.  I've talked about this on the blog before, she is certainly a "Bandy".  My grandmother Ruby Bandy did this and I've been told I do it a lot too!!!  I guess concentration and deep thought just brings out the tongue. 

We had a lot of fun painting, and I am sure we will do this often.  I love that Emerson is at the age now that we can start to do "crafty" projects together.  And, although her paintings aren't at Picasso status yet, they will still be hung in the most important gallery, the Dever gallery!!!

My favorites from the morning!!

I love the cock of her head in this picture!!

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