Monday, June 14, 2010

She's Got Her Dancin' Shoes!!

Some of you may remember, back in August, Emerson was invited by her friend Haegan to her first (what we will call) "unofficial" attempt at a dance class. You might also remember that the class didn't go so well; there were tears....lots of tears!!  Emerson stood on her circle, scared-to-death, the entire time.  Well, we hope 10 months of maturing has made a difference, because this coming Saturday, Emerson starts summer dance classes with her friends, Haegan and Aurora, at Stage Door Dance

On Saturday, in anticipation of her first "official" dance class, we headed to Southeast Dance Shop to purchase Emerson's first pair of ballet and tap shoes.  Aurora met us there, as she was also purchasing her shoes for the class.  I'm not sure who was more excited, Emerson or me.  Ballet and Tap in toddler sized shoes...too cute!!!  Emerson did great getting measured for her ballet and tap shoes, standing straight up and very still.  She loved walking on her tippy toes in her ballet shoes and tapping in her tap shoes.  It just so happens that the girl working at Southeast, and helping the girls that morning, is going to be their dance teacher, Ms. Jenn.  She was great with the girls and very patient.  We joked that she is going to have her hands full; little does she know, it wasn't a joke! She doesn't know that she has a triple threat to deal with!!  Emerson, Haegan and Aurora will be a force to be reckoned with.  Emerson and I have been practicing tap, step, tap, step for the past couple of weeks and she is so excited to actually put her shoes on Saturday and make a tap, tap, tapping sound and Mommy is even more excited to see her do it!!!

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