Sunday, June 27, 2010

Swim Lessons 2010: Round 1, Week 2

Another week has passed and we have two more swim lessons under our belt.  We are making progress, slowly, but it's still progress.  This week's lessons included all the same things that last week's did; splashing, kicking, arms, blowing bubbles, the float belt and jumping with the new addition of floating on their back.  Emerson actually did surprising well at this, considering I thought she would freak out.  Now, if we can just get her to kick her legs and move her arms at the same time...we might just have a swimmer.  

Monday, June 21st

Practicing Arms


Kickboard and Bubbles

The Float Belt

Jumping into the pool!!! 
(Emerson's Favorite)

Having some fun with Daddy after her lesson!!

My favorites from Monday!!

Wednesday, June 23rd

Ready for class!!

Something new this week....floating on her back!

Blowing bubbles

Waiting to JUMP...

... and JUMPING!!

Since Daddy wasn't there this week...Emerson only got a few minutes in the "fun pool" (as she calls it). The "fun pool" is the playing pool, not the lap pool and her lessons are in the lap pool,  I guess that would be the "un-fun pool" to Emerson!!

My favorites from Wednesday!!

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