Sunday, June 20, 2010

Swim Lessons 2010: Round 1, Week 1

This past week, Emerson started her first-ever series of swim lessons.  The classes run every Monday and Wednesday for three weeks.  We actually got rained/thundered out on Wednesday, but she had enough fun on Monday to last her all week.  We weren't quite sure just how these lessons would go, being that (unbelievably) Emerson has never been in a swimming pool, other than baby pools at our house and Mimi's.  Emerson showed us that she has no fear and quickly followed her teacher, Ms. Mary, and the four other children in her class to the edge of the pool to begin the lesson.

Ready for her swim lesson!!

Paying attention to Ms. Mary for the rules 
of the pool! 

After explaining all the rules of the pool, Ms. Mary had all the kids splash in the water with their feet.  They really enjoyed splashing, but you can tell from the picture, Emerson wasn't a fan of having the water splash in her eyes.  After splashing, they worked on kicking their legs, using their arms, doing both simultaneously, and blowing bubbles in the water.  Mary was very patient with all the kids and gave each one of them individualized attention.  For each exercise, she would come get a child and they would spend a minute or two working on the particular exercise at hand.  I was also impressed by all the kids and their patience, as she spent time with each child, the others did a great job waiting for their turn. 


Kicking legs, moving arms, doing both together, 
and blowing bubbles with Mary!!

Waiting their turn, patiently!!

The last two exercises of the 30-minute lesson garnered the most excitement from the five toddlers.  Ms. Mary pulled out the float belt.  All the kids had a great time during their turn holding onto the wall, and pushing off toward Mary, all-the-while being held up with the float belt. After the wall exercise, all the kids got in line for their turn at jumping into the pool (with Marys help, of course).  No fear was displayed, as each kid took their turn jumping in and then repeating the process.  

The Float Belt


It was a great first lesson and Emerson was VERY sad we had to leave the pool.  We had to promise her the next lesson would involve some pool playtime with Daddy afterwards.  We got rained (more like thundered) out on Wednesday and Emerson was so sad we couldn't have the lesson.  On the way home she said, "Mommy, I am so sad I couldn't swim today.  Aren't you sad?"  I have a feeling we will be spending some extra time at the pool tomorrow evening after the lesson.  

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