Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Unique Dining Experience

In all of Emerson's almost-three-years-of-life we have never taken her to a Japanese Steakhouse.  For some reason, we just never think about going to them, which is hard to believe, because our neighbor Dale Herman, a HUGE fan, talks about them frequently and jokes about going all the time.  Saturday night, Emerson had her first opportunity to see just what all the talk was about.  We met Grammy and Papa at Kabuki to celebrate Grammy's birthday (we have a lot of June birthdays in the family).  I know Uncle Dale will be disappointed that Emerson's first time wasn't at Kanki (his favorite).  We'll save that special trip for you, Dale!! 

I'm actually surprised we even got Emerson to the table, she was enthralled with the koi fish at the entrance and we made several trips back during dinner.  Emerson wasn't so excited about the entire steakhouse experience, but that also might be because she is almost three and restaurants have become a bit of a problem area for us.  Emerson settled down a bit when all the cooking began.  She actually paid attention and "flirted" with the cook a bit.  She did a great job using her kid-friendly chopsticks.  I think she will take after her mother and be a chopstick user.  Emerson even ate the special pasta (ahem, read rice); she isn't a huge fan of rice. Emerson did get a bit scared at the end of the cooking when the cook lit the hibachi grill on fire.  After dinner, we ventured back out to the entrance to see the fish AGAIN.  Overall, they were Emerson's favorite part of the evening besides the trip to Cold Stone Creamery afterwards!! 

Intrigued by cooking...

Using Chopsticks!!!

Checking out the koi...

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