Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Cellist

This past May, my mom and I travelled to New York City to see my fabulously talented cousin, Alice, make her first "Off-Broadway" debut.  You may remember my previous blog post about our whirlwind trip for 36 hours in the city.  Within that blog post I mentioned an impromptu photo shoot we did with my cousin on a New York street in the meatpacking district.  I promised I would post more of the pictures later but, well you know, life got in the way.  So, two months later, I am finally getting around to editing them and putting them on my blog.  And, hopefully soon, they will make their debut on Alice's new and improved website, Ten Strings Music Studio.  I guess that would be my official photography debut (ha!).  So, without further very lovely, funny, and extremely talented cousin, Alice, the cellist!!!

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