Saturday, July 17, 2010

Emerson's three-year check-up

Emerson had her three-year check-up yesterday morning.  Well-child visits are so much easier and happier than sick-child visits to the doctor.  Emerson's three-year check-up was different than any other well visit we've had before.  This visit, Emerson was big enough to stand on the scale herself, instead of being sat on the pediatric table scale.  She also got measured like all the other big kids, standing with back and feet against the wall, and didn't have to lay down on the table to be measured.  Emerson also did a vision test, you remember those, put one hand over your eye and say the letters or symbols....Emerson passed with flying colors.  The nurse took Emerson's blood pressure, that was the first time Emerson had ever had her blood pressure taken.  The blood pressure cup was so cute and small.  Dr. Dunk came in to do the exam, but first she had Emerson stand on each foot and balance, draw both a circle and a line, and jump up and down.  She talked with me a bit and answered some of my questions and then examined Emerson, and that was that!  Dr. Dunk's Conclusion:  She's growing great and looks perfect (nothing we didn't already know, right!)!!!  It's hard to believe that in all three years of Emerson's life, I don't have a picture of her and Dr. Dunk.  I have several of her at the doctors office, but none with Dr. Dunk.  So, Dr. Dunk was kind enough to take a picture with Emerson. We love Dr. Dunk; thanks for being such a great pediatrician the past three years!!

Emerson's three-year stats:

Height: 38.25 inches (75th percentile)
Weight: 37 lbs. (90th percentile)
Blood pressure (new stat to add): 88/46

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