Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 4th Sparklers

About two weeks ago, this absolutely adorable idea came to my inbox from a blog I subscribe to.  Make and Takes had created the most adorable 4th of July Pipe Cleaner Sparklers.  Since I wasn't going to be here to celebrate the 4th with Emerson, I wanted to do something special with her before I left.  We (more like I) decided to make these fuzzy crafts for her and her classmates, with Emerson's help of course.  Check out how adorable these are....and they're safe. 

Here are the instructions from Make and Takes site:
My additions or subtractions are in red
(See original blog post here)
Make and Takes

Supplies for Pipe Cleaner Sparklers:
2 red pipe cleaners (aka chenille stems) - I only used one
2 blue pipe cleaners - I only used one
4 white pipe cleaners – mine are the shiny sparkly white colored kind - I used 4 of these
White curling ribbon cut twice as long as the pipe cleaner

1. Gather your pipe cleaners and group them with the white together (add the ribbon to this set like it is an additional 5th pipe cleaner) and the blue and red together. 
2. Wrap your blue and red pipe cleaners around the center of your white pipe cleaners.
3. Bend your white pipe cleaners and ribbon up and then twist your blue and red pipe cleaners together.
4.Separate out the ribbon and let it hang to the side, then give your white pipe cleaners one little twist, then fan them out. You can bend them at the tops or leave them straight.
5. Then I tied the small label onto the sparkler with the dangling ribbon.

My Supplies

Emerson helping out!
She did a great job counting out the pipe cleaners needed.

The Final Product

I had a great time making these with Emerson! 
 What a great and safe way to celebrate the 4th with a toddler.  

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  1. They turned out so great. I hope you had a fun holiday!! Thanks for the link love.