Saturday, July 31, 2010

Show-and-Tell #47: Cinderella

It's official, Emerson now owns her first Barbie. Well, sort of!!  It's a Cinderella, but we will just say it's a Barbie.  Danny was out of town this week and with every return home, means a new present for Emerson.  Danny usually has no free time when he travels and airports aren't the best place to shop for items that will put a smile on a toddler's face.  So, thanks to our friend Jen's great suggestion, Danny has started buying Emerson's presents before he even leaves for his trip and then putting them in his car.  (We haven't quite made it to the level Jen is at, with a basket of presents in her garage for Daddy to choose from, but with Danny's upcoming travel schedule, we might need to start one!)  So as you can imagine, Emerson was super excited to take her Cinderella to school this week for Show-and-Tell (Sans shoes, Mommy was too scared they wouldn't make it home!).

Show-and-Tell #47
July 30, 2010

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