Monday, July 19, 2010

Sometimes Dogs Aren't Always Man's Best Friend...

Some of you may remember a post I wrote back in November about our wonderful dog, Hogan.  This cutie right here...the angelic, looks-like-he-wouldn't-hurt-a-fly dog.

Well, Friday, Hogan quickly went from lovable dog to not-so lovable dog in a matter of seconds.  I walked in from a nice dinner to find my shoes, my Coach shoes I might add, like this:

Expletives!!! Expletives!!!

Oh Hogan, how fast you went from friend to foe.  My favorite work shoes, you know the ones you can wear all day, the ones I could walk all over NYC in, were ruined.  Unbelievable....guess the only positive is that I get a shoe shopping trip out of it, but I so loved those shoes!  Rats!!


  1. OUCH. He really did a number on those. BUMMER.

  2. Oh no! I have SO been there & for some reason it seems even more frustrating that they leave one in perfect shape, and one totally destroyed! No use for the one good one, except a reminder of your favorite shoe :(