Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mommy's New Car!!

This past Saturday when I dropped my car off for a service appointment (oil change, tire rotation, recall maintenance), I never thought I would walk away with a new car.  I certainly didn't need a new car, my current car was only 3 years old.  But, when I made my appointment online the Wednesday before, I started receiving emails from salesmen saying they would like to buy my car.  Apparently there is a shortage of pre-owned Acadias in the area and they needed cars to put on their lots.  So, I took the bait and told them they could evaluate my car when it was there Saturday and then let us know if they could work a deal, fully expecting them to come back with something Danny and I wouldn't agree with.  We dropped the car off on Saturday morning for it's scheduled maintenance and headed to dance class.  During dance class Danny kept getting emails from the salesman stating they wanted to buy the car and they could make it work and we wouldn't have to put any money down and our payment would actually be less?!?  What?  Too good to be true, right?  Well, after lunch, the entire family headed over to find out if this was actually going to work and if it wasn't, at least we could pick up my car. We looked around a bit while Danny talked to the salesman and then Danny came out and said, you can basically pick any Acadia on the lot that you want.  Based on the current features of my car, I narrowed it down to a 2010 Pearl White or a 2011 Black....if you know me, you know there was no contest; I went with the black!!!

Emerson checking out the new car!!!

After we decided on the black, Danny had to go in and work the numbers and "wheel and deal" for that specific car.  By this point, it was past nap time, but Emerson was hanging on (by a very short string).  We walked around the lot, played with her new LeapFrog toy, made silly faces, and went to the waiting room play area to keep ourselves (ahem, her) occupied.  But, as good as she was, Mommy was quite sure she needed a nap since there hadn't been one at school the past week.  So, Emerson and I eventually got in Danny's car and headed home, knowing the ride home would put her in a deep sleep.  We left Danny there to make deals, with hopes he would come home with the new car.  

As I predicted, Emerson fell fast asleep on the ride home and I successfully transferred her from the car to her bed (although she is usually pretty good about that).  Emerson took a great 2 hour nap and when she woke up, Danny still wasn't home but had just called and said he was on his way home with the NEW CAR!!  The salesman was right; no money down, and our payment will be $3 less per month for the exact same car that's three years newer!!  That's what I call a NO BRAINER!!!  The bad thing was we actually had to go back to the dealership since the car was going to be in my name.  UGH!!  I got Emerson ready and we jumped right back in the car, grabbed a quick (turned out to be a long) dinner, and then headed to the dealership so I could sign the papers.  I also secretly had to check behind Danny and make sure he got everything out of my old car, not that I don't trust him, I am just that OCD.  When we pulled up, my old car was sitting right there....Emerson insisted that she get out of the car and say goodbye to the old car.  So, she got out and ran through the car saying, "Bye-Bye old car", while I checked to make sure all of my personal belongings were out.  I ran inside to sign the papers and that was that.  As we pulled out of the parking lot, Emerson said "Mommy, I am really going to miss my old car!"  But as you will see from the picture below, it took all of about 5 minutes for her to get acquainted with the new car!!  Welcome to the family CADIE (pronounced Katie)!!!

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