Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Bowl of Cereal

It's hard to believe, but Emerson has never had a bowl of cereal.  NEVER!  Sure, she's had cereal when she was a baby and it was watered down with milk, and she's had dry cereal for snacks and sometimes for breakfast.  But an actual bowl of cereal, with a spoon and milk had never been attempted in our house.  I think it probably has something to do with the mess I assumed would be left for me to clean up afterwards.  I've seen those pictures of kids with cereal in their hair, on the floor, even with the milk spilled everywhere.  Yeah, I am pretty sure that is the sole reason my child has never had a bowl of cereal.  But this morning when I asked Emerson what she would like for breakfast, and she replied, "Cereal!", I retorted, "With a spoon and milk?"  She looked confused and then said, "Yes!!"  Maybe it was the extra hour we have to kill on preschool mornings that gave me the wild hair I got, or maybe it was because I thought three was the magical age that she could now "handle her cereal", but I gave in (it was my suggestion after all) and gave Emerson her VERY.FIRST.BOWL.OF.CEREAL. She loved it!!  She thought it was so cool that the milk was on the cereal.  And much to my chagrin, there was hardly a mess to clean up.  So, score one for cereal as a new addition to our breakfast repertoire, especially on preschool mornings!!  Emerson, I am sorry I have deprived you of this for so long!

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