Thursday, September 30, 2010

A much needed haircut!!!

In anticipation of school starting on Wednessday, September 8th...Emerson and I headed to Peek-A-Do the day before for a much needed haircut.  I promise you, I won't blog about every haircut Emerson ever gets but, since this was only her second haircut EVER (see firt haircut here) and I had my camera with me, I thought I would get a few pictures.  She did a great job, sat very still and was a great model for me afterwards.  She looks so grown up with shorter hair, brings tears to my eyes...SNIFF, SNIFF!!!

Checking it out!!!

Look at all that hair!!!

Getting BOW-tiful!!!

After (sorry there was no "Before" shot)

Check out my sparkles!!!

I love this series of shots...sparkles and all!!!

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