Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Show-and-Tell #50: Pinky

Emerson was never the type of baby (or toddler, for that matter) that needed a lovey or something to cuddle with every night.  She never carried around a blankie for security.  She never had a paci.  She never had a special toy....until she turned 3.  Recently, Emerson has a new lovey that she just can't go to bed without.  Pinky, a toy she got when she was an infant, has made a reemergence and is now Emerson's new bedtime buddy.  She loves her Pinky and has to have it every night at bedtime and on the weekends for nap time.  So two Fridays ago (yes, I am SO far behind on blogging), we let Emerson take her new favorite snuggle pal to school for Show-and-Tell.  Believe it or not, she even took a nap that day at school.  Maybe I should let her take Pink EVERYDAY!!!

Show-and-Tell #50
August 20, 2010

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