Thursday, September 2, 2010

Swim Lessons 2010: Round 2, Week 2 (Wednesday)

I'm continuing my "catching up on posts" spree.  I recently posted about Emerson's second set of swim lessons this summer.  Round 2 of swim lessons went much the way Round 1 did until the Wednesday of Week 2, when Mary switched up the routine a bit.  All the kids practiced their arms, kicking their legs, blowing bubbles, jumping in the water, swimming on their backs, but this week, Mary had all the kids try to swim on their own with the float belt tied around them.  Emerson was the youngest in her class, and was obviously, the only one who wasn't quite acquainted to the water like the others were.  The other kids had no problem swimming on their own...a bit green at it, but still didn't mind.  Emerson had a hard time with it at first and was really afraid, but she was so proud of herself once she had done it.  Enjoy pictures from Round 2, Week 2.

Round 2, Week 2 of Summer Swim Lessons
Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Using the kick board.

Practicing her arms.

Blowing bubbles.

Using the float belt and float bar.

Using the float belt and float bar without Mary's help.

"OK Emerson, I want you to swim to the float bar, all by yourself"

(Sorry the pictures aren't great...I was so excited, I was trying to get pictures and maneuver around the kids sitting on the side of the pool)

A jumping sequence.

Playing after Swim Lessons.

My Favorites from the Day!!!

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