Monday, October 4, 2010

First Day of Preschool

I am still trying to get caught up on my blogs from September..ugh, I hate being behind.

Since we've talked about Preschool Orientation and Emerson's special haircut for school, it's only fitting that we continue our journey and talk about her first day at preschool.  On September 8th, Emerson started her new preschool. There were no tears by Mommy, I'm an old pro at leaving her at school.  But, I could see how this would have been a very difficult day for the mommies that have been home with their little ones up until that day.  I was more worried about leaving her for two days while I headed to Richmond to start my new job. 

Emerson was super excited about her new school and her new friends.  That morning she actually ate breakfast with her bookbag on!  After breakfast, we got the typical "first day of school" photos and to my amazement, Emerson cooperated...maybe we are finally past the "cheesy smile" phase. 

I love these next three pictures...Emerson was such a little ham that day!!

Once we got to school, we headed straight to the Frogs classroom.  We washed our hands, put Emerson's bookbag in her cubby, put on her name tag, answered the "Question of the Day", checked out the days activities on the schedule, and greeted Ms. Tara. 

It was so great that Emerson had a friend from daycare to go through this journey with her.  Emerson loves Haegan and they took a quick second that morning to pose for my camera, then it was off to play with some Play-Doh!!

I love this sticker...I certainly hugged Emerson extra tight that day.  Once for good luck and twice because I love her and it would be a few days until I saw her again.  This sticker is a great reminder on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, not that I need much reminding...Emerson is reminder enough that I need to hold her tight EVERYDAY!!!

Emerson, Daddy and I wish you all the best this year at preschool...we know you will excel beyond our expectations!!!  
We love you!!

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