Friday, October 22, 2010

First Sleepover

Last Friday Danny and I inherited two more little girls for the evening, the Herman girls, Ivie and Macie.  Dale had a meeting in Pinehurst and Amy decided to join him for a much needed night of R and R (her work has been CRAZY lately, to say the least).  Danny and I picked the girls up from school and then headed to the Herman house for some pizza.  We decided to have pizza there because Macie is very scared of Hogan (or "Woof" as she calls him).  While the oven was heating up, we had a little bit of time for some play outside. The girls opted for their bicycle and tricycle while Macie stuck close to Danny's side. 

We had a little more time before dinner and the girls decided to play dress-up.  Macie, again, opted for alternate activity, walking over and turning the tv on herself.  I think she may have been a bit overwhelmed by the two older girls. 

Dinner was a pizza from Papa Murphey's.  Although Danny and I somehow managed to slightly burn the pizza.  Sorry we stunk up your house, Hermans!!

After dinner, the girls were ready for some indoor play before heading to bed (Macie upstairs, and Emerson and Ivie to our house).  Macie joined in the fun this time and surprisingly they all played very well together.  You'll notice the mess that surrounds them, I had the girls play a clean-up game so Dale and Amy didn't have to come home to a mess.  Hopefully Danny cleaned up the rest of the mess for you guys!!

Danny had a very easy job, when all the girls left, he was reading books to Macie.  He said he gave her her paci, put her in her bed, made sure she had her water bottle and then we walked out.  He didn't hear from her again.  He thought he had made a mistake at 11:00 pm when he went in to check on her and tried to move her a bit and cover her up, Macie sat directly up in her crib and looked at him.  He quickly gave her the paci and she layed right back down.  Danny went in the next morning at 7:15 and Macie was just sitting there playing...hadn't made a peep. 

I, on the other hand, had two preschoolers to tend to at our house.  I wanted to be the cool-stayover-mom so I let the girls watch two Little Einsteins and painted their toes and fingers while they watched.  I think the girls had a blast.  If Emerson said it once, she said it a thousand times, "Ivie, I love you so much!!".

Hogan even joined in on the fun and hopped up on the bed with the girls, they loved that and laughed hysterically!!

We got pictures of their toes and fingers and even a picture of their identical "sprinkles" (freckles).  See the picture in the upper right corner.  It's kind of crazy that both girls have the same freckle, on the same foot, and in the exact same location.

After Little Einsteins and making sure all toes and fingers were dry, we headed to Emerson's room for bedtime.  Amy and I had decided that it might be a bit difficult for the girls to go to sleep so we agreed that threats might be likely (yes neither of us are above threats, especially when it involves sleep).  I only had to threaten the girls twice.  I told them that if they couldn't fall asleep, that I would have to take Ivie back to her room next door.  They really didn't do a bad job and both were asleep by 9:40.  Emerson conched out around 9:10, but it took Ivie a little bit longer to go to sleep; totally understandable since she was in an unfamiliar place.  After rubbing her back a few minutes, and reassuring her that I was sleeping in the next room, she finally fell asleep and they both stayed asleep until 7:00 the next morning. 

The next morning when the girls were playing on Emerson's bed, we surprised them with a visit from Macie.  They were excited to see her, but not as excited as they were when we told them they were going to Chick-Fil-A for breakfast.  We got all the girls ready for breakfast and let them watch a quick show while Danny and I got ready.  I love the quick picture I got of Macie and Ivie cuddling on our bed. 

Chick-Fil-A was a HIT...if you haven't done breakfast there on a Saturday morning, then you are missing out.  We had a quick meal and then it was time for play in the playground.  The girls had the entire room to themselves, so they had a blast and were as loud as they wanted to be.  It was hard getting them to leave but they all got one last sip of their drinks and we headed to Emerson's soccer game. 

Miss Macie loves Danny!!

We had a great soccer game and even had a surprise player.  Ivie made an appearance and joined the team when one of our players just wouldn't go out on the field.  I think Ivie enjoyed being on the field and Emerson loved having her idol on the field. 

What better way to wrap up a sleepover and morning soccer game than snacks on the front porch. 

Dale and Amy, We had a great time watching the girls and we hope you will take advantage of your neighbors again, especially with the little one on the way!!  I hope the girls had as much fun as we did....I'll admit, three isn't THAT hard (but I only had them for one night)!!  Love you guys!!

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