Friday, October 15, 2010

Julianne's Gymnastics Birthday Party

Alright, I am still trying to get caught up on the blog.  Last weekend (actually since it is now Friday, we will go ahead and say two weekends ago on October 3rd, Emerson attended Julianne's Gymnastics Birthday Party.  What a great party; Emerson had a BLAST!!!!  It was a great idea and the girls loved going from station to station practicing, discovering and perfecting their gymnastics techniques (with a little help from assistants, of course).

Check out Emerson's strength on the "toddler" parallel bars!!

Practicing her balance on the mini balance beam!!

 Emerson mustered up enough nerve for the higher balance beam, and after misstepping, got right back on again!!

Just a cute picture!!

I think this was Emerson's favorite part.  There is a long runway-esque trampoline that you can jump on.  Emerson had so much fun bouncing down the runway and then jumping into mats at the end.  I really didn't think I would get her away.

Having tons of fun!!!

An attempt at a cartwheel

After all the floor time, the assistants moved all the young girls to the Foam Pit.  (I forgot to mention Julianne and Abby, her older sister, were having a joint party.)  So all the young girls moved to the foam pit; where you can hang on the bar and fall in, you can just jump in or you can take Emerson's approach and slide in. 

Emerson wasn't a big fan of the foam pit, she was a scaredy cat and didn't try any of the activities associated with it.  She was more concerned with what was happening on the floor below as they set up the huge rainbow parachute. 

After all the fun in the foam pit, the girls, both big and little, moved to the floor for a rainbow parachute activity.  They all got their chance to run under the parachute, run on top of the parachute, and even sit in a parachute tent.  While in the tent, they all sang Happy Birthday to Abby and Julianne. 

After parachute fun, it was time to wind down the gymnastics part of the day and get ready for cake and ice cream.  But, before eating could commence, each girl was awarded a gymnastics medal and each took a bow. 

The Four Musketeers!!!

Emerson and Julianne, the birthday girl!!

What would a birthday blog be without a cake, ice cream, and water collage!!

Thanks for the invite, Julianne.  Emerson had so much fun and I definitely see a gymnastics party in my party planning future!!!

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