Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Chuck E. Cheese Birthday Party!!

A few Saturdays ago (11/6) we attended a birthday party for one of Emerson's new preschool friends.  Callie told her parents she wanted nothing but a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese, so the obliged and she was so happy.  I must say, even though I am a sucker for theme parties, the ease and fun of a party a Chuck E. Cheese is very appealing.  Emerson had a great time and is still talking about it.  We were honored to be invited and it was a great outing for the dreary Saturday morning we were having that day.    Thanks for a great party, Callie; we hope you had a super fun birthday!!

You may remember Chuck E. Cheese was our Plan B almost a year ago after we were let down by a movie theater.  I forgot how much fun you have when you are there....we will certainly have to make trips more often.  Emerson always has a good time.

(One of my all-time favorite games.  It brings back so many memories of playing with my dad at the beach when I was younger.  Emerson hasn't quite picked up the idea yet but she is getting close....)

.....this is her idea of how to get the ball in the pockets!!

A train ride with Barney!!

A car ride with Daddy!!

A clock ride by herself!!  

I think she rode this horse at least 4 times.  It's a bit scary how obsessed the child is with riding horses!!

Aww, a hug and car ride with Chuck E. Cheese himself!!

Getting her picture taken so the machine can draw her picture....this was actually a pretty neat and totally worth the 2 tokens.  

Callie, the birthday girl!!

Emerson loved the "red drink"!!!

The birthday girl had the opportunity to go in the ticket booth.  She had two minutes to grab as many tickets as she could.  One of the perks of being the birthday girl.  

After the celebration, we played a few more games before it was time to head home.

Emerson wasn't as excited about the ticket taker as she was the last time we were at Chuck E. Cheese.  She was ready to pick out her prizes!!!

Hmm, with so many choices how's a girl to choose?? 

Until our next trip to Chuck E. Cheese....I see one in our very near future when we are at the beach next week!!

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