Friday, November 26, 2010

Giving Thanks at Daycare

On Wednesday, before we headed out for a much needed mini vacay at the beach, we joined Emerson and her classmates at daycare for a Thanksgiving Feast. Emerson was excited to have her parents visit her at school and eat lunch.  What a treat, right??  Emerson's class had on adorable hats, either a pilgrim or turkey feathers.  They were very proud of these hats and all marched in the lunchroom with their heads held high.  The other classes made their own crafts and were also very excited to show their parents.  The lunch was very low key but still special.  The parents all enjoyed congregating with one another and eating lots of great food.  This was a great way to start our Thanksgiving weekend.  Our plan was to leave right after the lunch and head to the beach with hopes that Emerson would nap on the way down, but the excitement overcame her and she serenaded Danny and I for the next three hours in the car.  So, believe me when I say, we were all very ready to get to the beach for Thanksgiving!!!

The Pilgrim

Emerson's Class

The Feast

Blessing the food

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