Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Halloween - 2010

Two Sundays ago, like everyone else in America, we headed out for some Halloween trick-or-treating.  We were sad that our friends, the Hermans, couldn't be here to go with us, but we knew they were having a great time in Missouri with Amy's family.  We decided to head over to Chancellor's Ridge and trick-or-treat with our friends, the Giovanellos.  We had a quick pizza dinner and then headed out.  Chancellor's Ridge is certainly a GREAT place to trick-or-treat; safe and lots of houses to collect loads of candy.

Aurora, Cameron and Emerson ready to collect some candy!!
(Emerson had just fallen so that's why she didn't look too happy!!)

A very happy trick-or-treater!!
Ewww...check out these rats!!!
This was, by far, the best house we saw all night.  It was very spooky and definitely had great decorations for Halloween.   Emerson was not a fan when we rounded the corner, but luckily Aurora's Uncle Dwayne was kind enough to protect her from all the scary decor.
Warming up just a little bit....

She certainly wasn't scared enough to grab
a few pieces of candy!!
The scary decor!!!

Another house created their own "Boo" trail to follow to the back of their house for candy. Unfortunately it was too dark and none of my pictures came out but it was a great idea.

Emerson had a great time wearing her "Little Go Pete" outfit for the fourth time.  She was supposed to be a cowgirl and wear this outfit, but we couldn't find any cowgirl boots that correctly fit her, so we settled for Little Bo Peep again.  Emerson loved the costume and it was super comfy, so it all worked out in the end!! 

After a fun night of trick-or-treating with Aurora, we ran over to Mimi and Birdie's house for a quick visit.  Emerson had to go see the Hamricks; she loves Mrs. Linda and Mrs. Linda would have been pretty upset if we didn't stop by.

Trick-or-Treat, Mimi!!!

Emerson wanted to have her picture taken with Mimi and Birdie!!!  (Don't worry, Mimi and Birdie named these two...not me!!)

Finally, a decent family picture!!

Our adorable Little Bo Peep!!!

Our last stop of the evening was to Jasper and Janice's house.  Every Halloween, their house is always the last stop.

Time to sort out all the Halloween loot.  Emerson's lamb bag didn't hold much candy, so she had two bags to sort through. 

And finally, one piece of candy before bed and the close to our 2010 Halloween festivities.  We hope everyone had a great Halloween, we sure did!!

Do I really have to go to bed??

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