Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Heart Faces: Silhouettes

I waited to the last minute to get this post up.  I wanted to participate in this weeks I Heart Faces Challenge because it was all about Sihouettes.  I love silhouettes (something so southern about them) and I love sihouette photography.  It's always a special moment when you can capture a great moment with a silhouette.  So this weeks entry is a series of silhouettes of Emerson waiting (patiently I might add) to go out in the first snow of 2010 back in January.  She couldn't wait to get her snow suit and boots on and go play.  I just love these pictures...so innocent and sweet.  So, to those of you judging, my entry is actuall the first picture (unless you think it needs to be #2, #3, or #4 - wink, wink).  Enjoy!!  And head on over to I Heart Faces: Silhouettes challenge to see all the other amazing work!!


  1. Precious!! I love the look on a small ones face when its snowing!

  2. Sweet! You can see the anticipation in her body language!

  3. I happen to love snow. These photo's capture the spirit of a child when seeing snow. You can feel the anticipation and see it in her shoulders...and feel the cold of the windows as she presses her hands against them. Beautiful!