Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's BA-AACK!!!

Last night Danny ran to the store for a quick pick-up.  He returned with the items we needed and my ABSOLUTE favorite drink, that coincidentally only comes out this time of year, Diet Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash.  "What a nice little surprise!" I said.  He returned with, "It's the little things, right!!"

Emerson was very intrigued by the fuss I was making over the drink and quickly shot her dad a look and said, "You didn't bring me a surprise!!!"  I told her I would "share and care" (a favorite saying in our house) and give her a few sips of my drink.  It was my secret way of ripping into the package, so I could have a drink right then-and-there.  I crushed up some ice, poured my drink, and threw in a straw.  Heaven in a cup!!!

But as quickly as I poured myself a drink and shared a few sips with Emerson, my drink was taken hostage.  So much for having one to myself...such is life with a toddler who ALWAYS wants what you have.  Good thing I put one in the fridge to cool and enjoyed it (all to myself) after bedtime!!!  Yes, Danny, it is the little the little thing of enjoying an entire 12 ounce can of my favorite soda to myself!!!

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