Thursday, November 25, 2010

Preschool Thanksgiving Feast

Last Thursday, Emerson's preschool hosted a Thanksgiving feast for the students and their parents.  The children worked really hard on preparing not only a short program for the parents, but also preparing a dish to share at the feast.  The Frogs Class was in charge of making a fruit salad and they all helped prepare the salad the morning of the feast.  The parents were to arrive at 11:00 am for the performance.  Admittedly, I am a rookie parent when it comes to this preschool....needless to say, I should have arrived at 10:40 or 10:45 because when I arrived at 10:55, all "the good seats" had been taken and we were directed to sit on the side of the room.  Not the best position for video or photography.  Oh well, I learned my lesson with that one!!!  All the kids did a great job singing, dancing and entertaining their parents with songs related to the season.  Emerson wasn't as vocal for this performance as she was for last year's Christmas show at her daycare.  I think the enormous crowd was a bit overwhelming.

All the families were asked to bring a dish to share on the feast table.  I must say, there are some great cooks at that school, because the food was delicious.  In fact, there are already recipes being passed around on the listserv.

We were honored to be invited to the feast and it's always a treat to see our little turkey "perform".  Just one more reason to count our blessings this time of year, and believe me, Emerson is a HUGE blessing to us!!!

Our little turkey!!
The Frogs Class

All the classes, singing their hearts out!!

Two of the five songs the kids sang that day.
(I took pictures of the words because the song were too cute and I knew I would forget the words, but now we can sing them every year.)

A little post performance photo op.

Emerson and her two friends, Salem and Haegan.

The turkey hat was a favorite and I'm impressed at how long it stayed on. 

Two peas in a pod....these girls are inseparable and TROUBLE when they get together!!

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