Saturday, November 27, 2010


The ONLY good thing about my preschooler waking up at the beach well before she does at home is that it affords me the opportunity to get some great sunrise pictures.  On Thursday, our first morning at the beach, Emerson popped her head up at 6:00 am and said, "Mommy, it's light outside, let's go to the beach!!".  Being that we didn't want to wake the rest of the sleeping house, Danny, Emerson and I got dressed, and we did just that, headed to the beach.  Since sunrise technically isn't until 6:54 a.m. here at Topsail, I was fortunate enough to get some get sunrise photos. So, while I was not happy about Emerson waking up two hours before her normal 8:00 a.m. rise time, I was thrilled to be on the beach that still dawn morning with two of my favorite people.  Let's just hope she goes back to normal sleeping when we get back home!!

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