Friday, December 24, 2010

Emerson's Christmas Pageant

Last Friday (12/17)  was Emerson's annual Christmas Pageant at her daycare.  You may remember last year's pageant , when Emerson was certainly the loudest singer in the two-year-old classroom.  Well a year has passed and the loud voice from last year didn't make an appearance this year.  The format was a bit different this year.  The two-year-old class all sang their songs like they did last year and then they went back to their classroom.  Then, Miss Gail introduced the show and all the classes filed into their respective spots on stage.  This year though, all the classes sang all the songs together.  I was a little bummed that each class didn't get the spotlight for a few songs.  So needless to say, the video would probably bore most of you and take way too long to upload. There really wasn't a stand out performance or funny moment.

Lining up for the show!!
Quick note about this picture: While I am an admitted holiday outfit queen when it comes to dressing Emerson this time of year, you will notice she has on one outfit in this picture and another in the pictures below.  One of Emerson's teachers mistakenly changed her out of the outfit she had been in and put this dress on her before the show, thinking I had brought it in for her to wear.  Realizing she had put another child's dress on Emerson, she had to do a quick change right before they came upstairs back into the outfit Emerson had on all day.  I thought it was too funny...obviously bringing two outfits is something I would TOTALLY do, but I wasn't the culprit this time!!

Miss Gail welcomes the crowd!!

Miss Colleen, one of Emerson's teachers, reads a poem about Christmas.

Ready to sing!!

Emerson's classmates

 Of course, Emerson and Aurora would be right next to one another!




One of the new additions to the show this year was to have every child speak into the microphone (in front of the entire audience) and tell everyone one thing they want Santa to bring them. I am, by-all-means, not a public speaker, so I was pretty impressed that three, four, and five-year-olds had the courage to do this.  For the most part, all of them did a great job.  Emerson's response was a "Barbie Doll House" (which she later changed to just a doll house).  We'll see if Santa heard her request!!

Miss Devona, another one of Emerson's teachers, closed the show with 

 A quick reception closed out this year's Christmas Pageant.  Emerson headed straight for the cookies.  

Merry Christmas!!!  

** Some photography provided by Chad Wesson (Julianne's dad)

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