Friday, December 24, 2010

Four Ladies Dancing

In the original Twelve Days of Christmas song, there are nine ladies dancing but last Friday (12/17) in Emerson's dance class there were only four.  For the month of December her class had been working on a special holiday dance for their families.  At the end of the class we were all invited in to watch their performance.  This was, of course, a special treat for us since most of the time we have to watch the class on a monitor in the lobby of the studio.  All the girls did great.  You'll see in the video the girl next to Emerson is in her second year of dance and is an entire year older than's amazing what a year of age and an extra year of experience do.  I'm shown daily just how fast they grow up and change from month to month, but I digress!!  Anyway, it was a cute performance and it gets me so excited for the June recital!!!

Holiday Dance Performance - 12.17.10 from Brooke Dever on Vimeo.

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