Thursday, December 23, 2010

A New Holiday Tradition

For as long as The Hermans have been our neighbors we have exchanged presents during the holidays.  I mean, since they are like family it really was second nature to just buy them a gift.  But last Christmas, Amy and I jointly decided that we were going to switch it up this year.  Neither family wants for anything and our girls certainly have any toy they could ever hope for, so why not take the money we would spend on each other and use it towards helping others this time of year.  It helps others in need and teaches our children a very valuable lesson, it's a WIN-WIN.  So that is exactly what we did this year!!   We (Amy and I) decided on the charity and the spending limit.  This year we decided to give to the North Carolina Children's Hospital and their Santa's Sack program.  Who better to bring a little magic to on Christmas than a child that is ill and has to be in the hospital on Christmas Day.

So, separately each family did their shopping for girls and boys of various ages.  Our family hit up the local Target on Tuesday night.  It was crowded but that didn't calm down Emerson's excitement.  We had talked to her about why were doing this and she was ready to shop and pick out gifts.  We started with the boy gifts first, as I knew when we hit the Barbie aisle, we would lose Emerson's attention.

Hmmm, what to get??

 A Tonka Truck was the first gift!!

We then moved on to "Luzz Bightyear"!  There was no way he wasn't making it in the cart.  

This is perfect!!

Maybe I should play with it and make sure a little boy (or girl) would like it!!!

 Next up, was a Paper Jamz guitar for an older boy.  

We then moved to the girls section...Emerson was all over the place, and Danny and my heads were spinning.  We finally got Emerson to focus on picking out a gift for a younger girl and an older girl.  We settled on a Barbie Fab Purse and a Glee Board Game.    

What girl doesn't love Barbie!!

Too many choices!!

 Checking out!!

The woman I originally coordinated with about this project was actually out of the office all week this week.  So I was instructed to call the hospital and drop-off there.  I coordinated with the two nurses that were handling the hospital side of the program and yesterday I dropped off our presents. Emerson was very upset that she couldn't go with me, so I told her I would take a picture of all the toys when I got to the hospital.  The nurses that met me out front were so sweet and so thankful for all the gifts.  They were giddy when they saw the "Luzz Bightyear"; they are treating a patient right now whom they've nicknamed "Buzz" and all he has asked for is a Buzz Lightyear.  They said they were going to gift it to him and it was going to make his day!!  Well, that story made my day, and I knew right then we had done the right thing.  Yes, it makes me smile to see my neighbors open gifts from us and to see the smile on Ivie's and Macie's face when they open presents, but it felt so good dropping those presents off yesterday, knowing that a child will hopefully for one minute on Christmas morning  forget they are in a hospital room when they open our presents.  I feel like this is certainly going to be a new Holiday tradition for The Dever and The Herman families!!  

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