Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Reindeer Cupcakes

I was supposed to take cupcakes to preschool for Emerson's Christmas pageant on December 16, but we got a small ice storm the night before and school was called off that day.  So, since I had all the stuff to make the cupcakes, I decided to make them for Emerson's daycare class the next week, especially since they weren't having a party.  The report from Emerson is that everyone LOVED the cupcakes and thought they were "So CUTE!!".  I'm not really sure if I've ever met a preschooler that doesn't like a cupcake, but I'll trust Emerson when she says the were a big hit.  They were also a huge hit with Mommy, because they were extremely easy to make!!

This is the picture I found when I Googled "reindeer cupcakes"....
thus, my inspiration!!!

Yes, I used store bought cupcakes...that's what makes 'em so easy!!

Ice the cupcakes adding slightly more to one side to create the reindeer's nose.

Add a red M&M for the nose.  
(I recently found that Michael's carries a selection of M&M's near the baking aisle in an assortment of colors. That way all you have to do is buy a bag of the color you need, less eating of unnecessary M&M's and no waste of unwanted colors in a regular bag!!)

For the eyes, add white chocolate chips (placed upside down) and two small drops of black icing gel.

For the ears, I used pretzels. I put a small amount of icing on the bottom of the pretzel and then stuck it into the cupcake.  

Voila!! Reindeer Cupcakes!!!