Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snowman Soup!!

I was struggling this year to figure out a gift for all the kids at BOTH schools.  The past few years I have given a small gift to each child.  When Emerson was in the toddler room we gave each kid a personalized sippy cup like this one, except it was paper and not embroidered.
Design Your Own Playtex Sippy Cup INSERT

When Emerson was in the two-year-old classroom, I personalized a crayon case for each child, like the one Aurora has below.  Can you tell I'm a sucker for personalized items??  (Good thing I am documenting past gifts, because there is no record of them anywhere!)

So this year I needed something that was super easy and super cheap, since there are now 25 kids to buy for.  When I stumbled upon Snowman Soup on Tip Junkie one day, I knew I had found my gift.  Tip Junkie actually featured this idea in her Cheap Neighbor Gifts post.  It was originally posted by Lori's Country Creations, but after doing a quick Google search, I found out lots of people have recreated this idea.  So, I pulled from the ideas I liked and came up with my own version and design for Snowman Soup and put them together last Wednesday night, just in time for preschool on Thursday, which was coincidentally CANCELLED!!

I started with all the ingredients: Marshmallows (snowballs), Hot Cocoa Mix, Candy Canes, Hershey Kisses, and super cute snowman cups from Target!!

Time to put it all together!!  I started by stuffing each cup....

Cocoa Mix

Candy Canes

Marshmallows, or Snowballs, if you will!!

Hershey Kisses

...and to top it off, I found these adorable matching straws at Target!!  (gotta love Target)

I wrapped each bag in a cellophane bag, attached an adorable saying that I found on the Internet and recreated on my computer, and they were complete. How cute are these??

Super easy, super cheap, and SUPER CUTE!!!  Snowman Soup was a hit this year!!  Yay for all those crafty bloggers out there and all their wonderfully creative ideas for those of us that need a little nudge in the creativity department.  Merry Christmas and I hope everyone gets to enjoy just a bit of Snowman Soup this year!!!

While I'm sharing and documenting gift giving, these are the teacher gifts I did this year.  Personalized (told you I'm a sucker) Tervis Tumblers.  One good thing about the new job being in the promotional products industry...I have access to lots and lots of products and one of them is Tervis Tumbler!!

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  1. LOVE Tervis Tumblers! And as a former teacher....those are the BEST gifts you can give a teacher!!!!