Monday, February 21, 2011

Consignment Shopping

A couple of weeks ago my friend Nancy sent me her friends pass for the bi-annual Kids Everywear consignment sale.  I didn't cosign this time around, so I was so grateful to Nancy for sending me her pass. In the haste of life, I forgot to put the shop date on my calendar, and if it doesn't go on my calendar, I'm sure to forget about it....and I did!  But last night as I was going through a bunch of emails, I came across the original email from Nancy and decided I would head out today and try my luck at shopping the consignment sale.  I TOTALLY should have been working, catching up from being out last week, but that's why I took this new job, right?  The flexibility!!  So off I headed this morning at 9:50 am (in time for the 10:00 am opening) to find some good deals...just me, myself, and I.  Peace. Solitude. Lots of clothes and armed with a credit card.  Ahh, it's been awhile since I had two solid hours of uninterrupted shopping to myself.  Pure Bliss!!

So since most of you have only heard from me about the consigning side of these sales, I thought it would be nice to blog about the buying side (I do know a few things about buying clothes, right?).   I really don't have a strategy going into these sales, especially KidsEverywear because it is huge!  I usually head straight to the boutique rack and then to the regular racks.  Today, after the boutique rack I headed straight to the size 5 racks (explanation later).

(sorry for the photo quality, these were taken with my Droid)

Secretly taking a picture of the size 5 racks!!

After I finished the daunting size 5 row, I rounded the corner to see this.....both sides were size 4.  I decided to opt out and realized my basket was pretty full.  So I started the task of keeping and eliminating, and after making a few hard decisions on what to put back, I was finished shopping and very happy with all my finds.

Check out all the clothes!!!

All in a good day's SALE!!

Here's a run down of my loot from the day:

3 skirts/skorts
3 dresses
5 tops
4 pairs of shorts
3 pairs of capris
2 matching outfits (with bonus bow)
1 jean jacket
1 dance outfit
1 warm-up outfit for our expected new neighbor Bryce

23 items
Total Spent - $128.22

Skirts and Dresses
The pink and aqua skirts were each $1.00 a piece....I couldn't pass that up, especially since they were still in great condition.  The skirt in the middle still had the tags on it, granted it's Target but it was half of what I would have paid in the store.  And, I can't wait to show you what I have planned for the three cute!  I feel a craft project (and blog) in my future!!

The Tops
Four of these tops still had the tags on them

Shorts and Capris
I am so ready for short and capri weather now, love the details on the pink shorts and capris....who doesn't love turtles and flamingos?!?!

My favorite purchase from cute and they have Emerson written all over them.  They literally screamed, "Buy Me" from the rack!!

Outfit Sets
How cute are these two outfits sets.   I'm still a sucker for a set and check it out, one of the sets came with a bonus hair bow...SCORE!!!

A dance dress, a jean jacket (although it's way too big for this year, it will go in the back of the closet for next year), and a cute outfit for Mr. Bryce, who will arrive in April.

All the Loot!!!

What I've learned from shopping consignment sales:
1. If your child wears a 3T, then shop in the 4T section.  If your child wears a 4T, then shop in the 5T section - hence always shop one or two sizes above your current size because people wash and dry the dickens out of their clothing.

2. I'm sure this will come as a shock to you all, but I am pretty particular when it comes to clothes and this makes it, sometimes, difficult to shop the sales.

3. People's taste in clothing is always shocking, err, different than mine, but to each his own, right??

4. People must stock pile their clothes for years, because there was clothing there today from when I was 5 years old. If it isn't in fashion people, don't bring it to the sale.  (Although, back to #3, someone will probably buy it!). 

5. People are really proud of their really worn, super shrunk, stained Gymboree outfits (or any other brand).  People, if I can buy it in the store NEW for $15, why would I buy it from you stained and faded for $14.  

6. Take something to carry clothes in.  Kids Everywear actually offers you a clothes bin, but they could run out if there are tons of people, so always take an extra bag to put clothes in so you don't end up with shopping fingers (not the technical term, but it's a real thing folks!!). 

7. When going through each rack, always pull everything you think you might want to buy and then go back through everything at the end.  If you don't do this, then when you go back to find an earlier item, It. Will. Most. Certainly. Be. Gone!!

8. Always ask your husband how much he thinks you spent, more than likely it will look like a lot and he will estimate high, so when you tell him the real total, he will be pleasantly surprised. 

9. Always have fun trying the clothes on your little one and talking about how cute they are, she'll never know they weren't new (and probably wouldn't care anyways)!

Happy Shopping, Y'all!!!


  1. Score for Bryce! :-) Mom and I are going to hit the prego day of the sale today. Very excited, though Ivie is the only one I really need to shop for!!!!


  3. Your observations were great! As a military wife with a hubby away bargains are imprortant and so is my time. I consigned this year and sent as much to goodwill as I did to consign because I was extremenly concerned about offering high quality items in good condition. I was really disappointed at what I saw hanging when I went to drop off (I would have sent it to goodwill). I decided not to come back and shop. Instead I invested in the next size up of clearance item for the winter and used coupons to discount spring summer items as much as possible. What you found was adorable! I just didn't have the time to sort through all of the things that should have been donated elselwhere.