Thursday, February 10, 2011

Decluttering The Devers - January 2011 (in February)

We are back for round two this year of Decluttering The Devers.  I hope I can make it all twelve months in 2011.  I got slack the last quarter of 2010 and didn't post any decluttering projects, so my main goal is to do a project every month in 2011(of course that was my original goal in 2010 and you see how well that worked out!).  As you can see, I'm not really getting off to a great start as I am just getting around to posting January's project, but better late than never, right??

So, this past Sunday, I spent a good two hours collecting and throwing out most every magazine in my house. As Danny will tell you, they had truly taken over our house.  He actually said I shouldn't post this, because some of my readers might think I'm a hoarder.  Well, for all 20 of my loyal readers, I am not a Hoarder.  I seriously have/had good intentions for these magazines, but time got away from me and I let them collect into piles.  But unlike a hoarder, I actually trashed my magazines and didn't let them pile up to the ceiling (close, but not quite to the ceiling)!!

All the magazines I could find in my house....seriously, this is every magazine I own!!
(Shh, don't tell Danny there are still two drawers upstairs but I will get to those later)

Piles of about 30 magazines per pile, 3 piles deep and 4 piles the math people!!!

So, I seriously had magazines from 2007, mostly baby mags that I thought I would have time to go through while on maternity leave, yeah right!!  But here's a run down of the different types of magazines and catalogs I had.  I do have subscriptions to US Weekly and Parenting, but everything else is free. Crazy.

Catalogs I receive:
Pottery Barn/ Pottery Barn Kids/ Pottery Barn Teen
Ballard Designs
Personal Creations
Company Kids
Garnet Hill
L.L. Bean/ L.L. Bean Kids
Restoration Hardware
CWD Kids
Lillian Vernon
Home Decorations Collection
Oriental Trading
Kelly's Kids
Sensational Beginnings
Posh Tots
Serena & Lily
Just Ducky
Sweet Tea
One Step Ahead
Creative Playthings
Boden USA
Mini Boden
Chasing Fireflies
Olive Juice
.....and I am sure there are some I am forgetting

Chapel Hill Magazine
Durham Magazine
Southern Living
US Weekly
Real Simple
Martha Stewart Living
Fifteen 501
....and all the ones from 2007 (Mom & Baby, Baby Talk, American Baby, Pregnancy and Fit Pregnancy)

My plan of attack, if it didn't have a date of 2010 or 2011 on it, it went in the recycle pile (except for a few decorating mags that I just couldn't part with).  I still have high hopes of going through some of the magazines and pulling out recipes and house ideas that I love, that's why I kept one pile of mags that were current (2010 date or higher).  I got rid of everything else and here's the proof....

Our recycling bin

After Danny took the trash out on Monday evening, he came in and said, "We're gonna get a fine from the city, because when recycling comes tomorrow, our bin is going to break the automatic lifting arm on the recycling truck!"  He seriously said our bin weighed about 200 lbs.  I was curious, so I made sure Tuesday morning I was at our loft window to watch the recycling, and surprisingly the automatic arm picked up our bin.  So, no fine from the city and I completed a MUCH needed decluttering project...Win, Win!!

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