Saturday, February 26, 2011

Emersonisms: Money doesn't grow on trees

I feel pretty fortunate that I get to eat lunch with Emerson three times a week.  Usually during lunch we have conversations about school, friends, swimming, dance, and all that's going on in her pretty little head!!  This past week we reminisced about our recent trip to Disney!!

Emerson: Mommy, I want to go back and see Mickey!!

Me: But we just saw Mickey.

Emerson: I know that but I want to see him at the hotel again

Me: Well we might go back but it might not be anytime soon.  It costs A LOT of money to see Mickey!

Emerson: Do you have a lot of money?

Me: No, I just spent it all seeing Mickey with you!!

Emerson: Well, you can get some more! (with her hands on her hips and shaking her head up and down)

Me: It's not that easy to get more money.

Emerson: Yes it is!  (still shaking her head)

Me: Really?  Where can I get more?

Emerson: At the money just go in and get it!

Me: Wow, where is this money store?

Emerson: Mommy, it's a really long way from here!

Oh, Emerson, you are so wise beyond your are completely right....the money store is a REALLY long way from here!!!  Keep dreaming, though!!

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