Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Treats

Last year, I loved the Valentine's treats we made Emerson's class.  But this year, since we weren't going to be here for Valentine's Day, we have two classes to make for, and I used all my time last week to finish up work projects and pack, I opted for store bought (more like internet bought) treats.  I wanted something that was somewhat unique and that I could put a cute, catchy saying on.  I found some adorable ideas on all the blogs I follow, but all of them involved making something, so I perused one of my favorite sites when it comes to kid's parties, Oriental Trading.  I found these adorable packets to stuff popcorn in.  I was sold, and placed my order that second.  These came just in time last week and I stuffed them on Wednesday night for delivery to school on Thursday and Friday.  I also opted out of the cute saying....more work than it was worth!!  Not as creative as some of my other treat adventures but it certainly did the trick this year!!  Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day!!

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