Sunday, March 13, 2011


Last Saturday, Danny and I were lucky enough to score much-sought-after UNC vs. Duke tickets at the Smith Center.  Danny and I hadn't been to a game all year, so we were excited THIS was going to be our first game of the season.  I took along my camera to grab some pictures of, what I hoped would be, a great Carolina win.  We had dinner with some friends at Pazzo before the game and then headed to the Smith Center to cheer on our Heels.  It was a great game, the Smith Center was the loudest I had ever heard it, and it was great to have shared it with Danny (and 21,748 others in attendance!).  I must say, the outcome was the best though, a win over Duke to clinch the regular season ACC title.....GO HEELS!!!

UNC vs. Duke
Saturday, March 5th, 2011
UNC 81, Duke 67


Danny checking other scores, his email, or Facebooking, not sure which one but those are usually the three culprits!!

Harrison's NASTY dunk!!!

This is my Dad.  He's a die-hard Carolina fan, that's where I get it from.  He also has quite the reputation of being a little vocal (ahem) FAN-atic at games!!

This is my dad calmly watching the game.

This is my dad yelling at a ref.

This is my dad cheering for the Heels!
(sorry, the pic is fuzzy because I'm sure I was doing the same thing)

This is my dad taunting putting a hoax on the Devils...
 (hell, I don't know what he was doing) 
.....and that my friends, is why my mom won't be seen in public with him at a UNC Sporting event!!

The crowd was great!!

Rushing the court!!!

A rare sight of Coach Williams dancing!!

Showing love to someone in the box??  I have a good guess it was either his wife, Wanda or his mentor and legend, Coach Smith.

Cutting down the net...ACC regular season champs!!

Today the Heels take-on Duke again in the ACC Championship game.  We'll be pulling hard again for another win.
  Go HEELS!!!

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