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Disney 2011 - A Very Princess Breakfast

February 13, 2011
Princess Breakfast at Epcot

Our first official day in the parks couldn't have started out better than a breakfast with all the princesses.  After taking our friend's advice, we opted for the breakfast at Akershus in Epcot instead of the  what-we've-heard-is-overpriced breakfast at the castle in Magic Kingdom.  Emerson was very excited about seeing the princesses.  Since our reservation was now at 10:30 (due to my flub in making the reservations) it was nice to have a leisurely start to our first morning in the parks.

On our way!!

Emerson's Tig Tagz....just in case she got lost!!

Our first sight of Disney.

The infamous Epcot shot - Spaceship Earth

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall is in the Norway area of Epcot.  Once we got past the gates (sneaking Emerson in as still 2 years old), we made our way to Norway.  We were greeted by real Norwegians who instructed us that we would first meet Belle.

My picture of Emerson and Belle

Disney's souvenir picture of Emerson and Belle 
(at least it was included with the meal).

After meeting Belle, we were ushered to our table in the middle of all the festivities.  We had a great table with 360 degree views of all the princesses.  Our waitress took our drink order and pointed us in the direction of the cold buffet; she instructed that she would bring out a family style plate of hot items.  The food was great and the fruit was fantastic (would you expect anything less in Florida?).  Emerson couldn't and didn't pay much attention to eating.  She was much too enamored with all the beautiful princesses who were coming to life right before her eyes.

We first met Sleeping Beauty, Princess Aurora.  She was, of course, beautiful and so very gentle and sweet with Emerson.  This year we decided to bring along an autograph book for Emerson to get all her favorite characters to sign.  Aurora was the first to sign the book.  You wouldn't believe it, but another drink was spilled on the table (by the waitress) missing my camera by an inch but landing right on Aurora's newly signed autograph.  Believe me, much better than landing on my camera.  Princess Aurora was kind enough to come back over and re-sign the book.

Princess Aurora

Cinderella came over right after Princess Aurora.  Emerson was literally awestruck.  She LOVES Cinderella!!  Cinderella talked to Emerson about the mice and her very mean stepmother.  She, too, was beautiful.  My dad made a great observation about all the princesses, they all had perfect teeth.  Right as Cinderella was leaving our table they announced the Princess Procession.  Basically, each princess takes a section of the banquet hall and has all the little girls hold hands and then they all process through the different seating areas.   Emerson was so excited that she was in Cinderella's group.  After the procession, all the young princesses rejoined their families and the real princesses went back to greeting their guests.  
Princess Cinderella

The Princess Procession

A moment with Emerson's Prince Charming

Snow White joined our table a few minutes after the procession, but not before we got a few bites into Emerson's belly.  Snow White talked to Emerson about all the dwarfs and what they had done that morning.  Of all the princesses, Emerson knows the least about Snow White, having never seen the movie, but she was still mesmerized!!
Snow White

Ariel was the final princess to visit our table.  I must say, Ariel was the best princess with the kids.  She talked to them, laughed with them, and really spent a great deal of time at each table.  Emerson and Ariel talked about swimming and Emerson told her all about her swim lessons.
Princess Ariel

We didn't get Belle's autograph at the start of breakfast, so on our way out we stopped back in to see if she would sign the book.  She obliged graciously, as any good princess would!!

What a great start to our morning.  Emerson is still talking about the princesses and their beautiful dresses, hair, and teeth.  I think she could have stayed there all morning and not missed one minute of seeing the rest of the park...but there was lots more park to see, so on to Epcot we go!!

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