Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Perfect Check-up

Last fall, Emerson's friend Ivie had a cavity and had to have it filled.  Amy had told me about the cavity, but I didn't mention it to Emerson.  One day Emerson came home and told me all about it; I guess she and Ivie had a conversation at school about the cavity and filling.  A few months later, while Mimi was babysitting, Emerson noticed the fillings in Mimi's mouth.  "Mimi, why do you have so many rings in your mouth?" To which Mimi responded, "Because, when I was a little girl I lived really close to a candy store and we would walk there everyday and get candy.  I ate a lot of candy when I was little." So needless to say, cavities and teeth cleaning have been a pretty popular subject in our house lately.  Emerson has been worried about getting a cavity and often asks if the certain food she is eating at that particular time will give her a cavity.  She has even handed candy to me and said, "Mommy, I don't want this, it causes cavities."  She has become quite conscientious about what will and will not cause cavities.

Last Wednesday, we had our 6-month check-up with Emerson's dentist, Dr. John.  This was the first visit that I didn't sit by Emerson's side but instead sat on the "parent bench" in the small parent holding area next to the large cleaning and exam room.  Emerson was a trooper and hopped right on the chair so Ms. Lauren could count and clean her teeth.  Emerson got a perfect 10 for her brushing and there was no trace of plaque on any of her teeth.  Ms. Lauren informed us that, in the next few months, we should start flossing Emerson's back upper teeth as they are starting to touch.  After her exam, Emerson was treated with a dose of flouride and then Dr. John examined Emerson and gave a raving report.  You could tell Emerson was proud of herself and I'm glad she's so concerned about her teeth, especially since Danny and I both have horrible teeth when it comes to cavities.  Ms. Lauren took a quick picture of Emerson for "Dr. John's No Cavity Club" and then Emerson picked out a treat from the prize cabinet.  All-in-all a great visit to the dentist...keep up the good work Emerson!!!

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  1. Brooke,
    This is a really good post. I love your story and the pictures especially the last one!