Thursday, April 28, 2011

Emersonisms: The Royal Wedding

It's wedding week here at the Dever household.  Danny and I celebrated our nine year anniversary yesterday and Emerson and I have been on Royal Wedding watch all week.  I was three years old when Princess Diana married Prince Charles.  I remember watching the wedding and falling in love with the grandeur.  Maybe that's why I wanted to be an event planner or wanted to have a fairytale wedding (which I did).  So, it was only fitting that my little princess, who is princess crazy right now, should watch this royal and historical event.

Emerson and I have watched wedding coverage all week on the morning shows.  This morning, among other conversations, we had this brief conversation:

Emerson: Mommy, why is that girl in a carriage? (referring to Princess Diana)
Me: Well, she's a princess and they get to ride in carriages.  Kinda like Cinderella
Emerson: Oh, but why?
Me: It's just how the royals roll over there in Britain.  They have carriages that take them around for special events.
Emerson: Well, Mommy, over here we roll in our cars.

Oh, she's so wise beyond her years and constantly keeps me laughing.

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  1. So cute! I remember staying up for Charles and Di, too. But I was 14! And here we go again...