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Disney 2011 - Second Day of Rest

Second Day of Rest
Thursday, February 17th

After two full days at the parks, we needed a day to just rest, chill out and in the guys case, play golf!!!  So while the boys were out playing golf, my mom, Emerson and I headed to the small town of Celebration, Florida for lunch and shopping.  We ate at one of Florida's oldest restaurants, the Columbia Restaurant.  The original location is actually in Ybor City, Florida and Danny and I had one of our first dates at the St. Augustine location.  In total there are seven locations around Florida.  It has one of the best salads I've ever put in my mouth.  Emerson had a huge bowl of macaroni and cheese, which was also yummy.

After lunch and shopping, we headed back to the condo for some fun in the sun and swimming.  Danny and Birdie joined us at the pool.  Emerson had a great time playing with her new waterproof Cinderella, part of a set she got the day before.  She also practiced some of her swimming moves.

While at the pool, we decided we would try to find some sort of fun park to go to that night (like we hadn't had enough theme park action the past four days, right?).  Danny suggested a place called Old Town, located in Kissimmee, Florida.  When he was in school at Florida Southern, it used to be a great place to come hang out.  Well, after driving up, we quickly saw that times had changed and it was a bit more sketchy now, but we were there so we made the best of it.  We ended up eating at a hot dog joint and then it was time for some amusement park fun and (what I like to call) fair rides.

Emerson had a blast on the motorcycle and four-wheeler ride.  She had both rides all to herself!  

Birdie accompanied Emerson on the merry-go-round.  
My mom, literally, cried from laughing so hard after I pointed out what was used to make the horse's feathers.  It was pretty funny so I had to take a picture.
....and the winner with her prize!!

A roller coaster just for Emerson, the Caterpillar.  
Teacups with Daddy....(at least someone is excited to be on the ride!!).  

After riding all the rides that Emerson could (some even twice) we headed into the arcade for some fun!!
Deal or No Deal, the arcade game!!
The ticket redeemer....We had more than 200 tickets!!

Right next door to Old Town is a separate amuzement park called Fun Spot USA.  We walked over there and found it to have lots more rides and ice cream.
What's an amusement park without ice cream!!

The Fun Spot truck with super-sized wheels!!
Another prize won for fishing!!

Bumper Cars
Everyone had so much fun on the bumper cars.  They had the whole rink to themselves and had a blast bumping and dodging each other.  

The Flying Bobs
Emerson was dying to ride something super fast.  The Flying Bobs certainly fit the bill and she met the height requirement.  I would personally get sick on these but Danny took her on them.  My mom couldn't watch, she was so scared that Emerson was on them.  My dad and I just watched in disbelief that a three and half year-old would want to ride them.  Danny was holding onto Emerson as tight as he could as they went round-and-round.  Everyone survived the ride and Emerson got off with a huge smile on her face.

Slide with Daddy
Emerson chose the slide as her last ride of the night.

Although the evening started out a bit sketchy, it turned out to be tons of fun!!!

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