Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Emersonisms: One Hundred Years...

Emerson is infatuated with babies, INFATUATED.  So the recent addition of our new neighbor, Mr. Bryce, has really got her in a tizzy.  I think she asks about, says his name, requests to see him, and/or tells me a story about him (usually it involves the repeat edition of how she held him in the hospital) at least three times a day.  I can completely understand, who doesn't love a snuggly baby.  I'm guilty of certainly wanting to take Bryce out of Amy's hands to "help her out", code for "give me that baby, I want to hold it!!"  (Just Kidding, know I am here to help in any way, shape or form and it's a huge bonus if help involves holding Bryce!!)  Emerson's been talking about babies a lot!  Where they come from?  How they get here?  Where to buy them?  How they are asleep and then wake up!  The fact they come out of mommies and are very dirty (thanks for that one, Mimi!).   So, needless-to-say, we are all about some babies in the Dever household...and yes, I get asked at least twice a week, when she's going to get her own baby sister or brother (well, it's really just sister but I've tried to convey to her that God chooses what Mommy's have and there is no way to predict what he will choose for each Mommy.)  So on the way to school this morning, Emerson and I had this conversation:

Emerson: Mommy, I think Ms. Amy really likes Bryce.
Me: Emerson, she doesn't just like Bryce, she LOVES Bryce.  All Mommies love their babies.  There is something very special about a Mommy and her baby.
Emerson: Well Mommy, when you have a husband and your belly is full and the baby sleeps for one hundred years and then it wakes up and when it wakes up, then it comes out.  (Sorry for the run-on sentence, but she literally didn't take a breath.)
Me: One Hundred years?  That's a long time!!
Emerson: Yeah, you're's more like a year they are asleep.

Oh Emerson, let's not make it any longer than it has to be!!

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