Friday, May 27, 2011

A HOT afternoon at the ballpark!!

Last Saturday, Danny, Emerson and I decided to take in the last game of the season before tournament play for UNC Baseball.  Carolina had been on a run in a three game series against UVA.  It was Senior Day so a win at this game would be a great way to end the regular season for our seniors.  It was also super hot that day and the Dever family didn't last long.  Emerson was hot and agitated and didn't sit still for even a second.  But, it's a good thing we left when we did, the Heels were losing when we left but came back to win the game.  Here's some pictures from our outing.  Good luck to the Heels this weekend in the ACC Tournament!!!

See those fans....I had something to do with those fans, gotta love the promotional products!!

All the seniors and their families.

A gift for Coach Fox from the seniors.

Not a happy camper :(

Popcorn put a slight smile on her face

Daddy's lap kept her still for about two minutes.

Play Ball!!

The National Anthem, working on hand over heart!!

OUT!!!  But woke up the second I got her out of the least she got a ten minute cat nap!

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