Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Preschool Year-End

It's hard to believe the school year has come and gone and last week marked the end of Emerson's first year of preschool.  I must admit, it's been weird the past two mornings not having to take Emerson to preschool, pick her back up to bring her home for lunch, then take her back to daycare.  Emerson is back in daycare full-time and I can already tell I am to really miss our lunches together.  Hopefully I can take some days here and there this summer and we can have some Mommy/Daughter outings.  Anyways, on to why you're really reading this post.  Last week, Emerson's preschool had celebrations to mark the end of the school year.

Wednesday, May 18th
I was actually the assisting parent for the Frogs class that morning and it was a super busy day.  Emerson's class had a small graduation that morning for each frog to be honored.  Because Emerson is a July birthday, we also honored her for her UN-birthday in May.  It's a nice way to let those summer babies celebrate with all their friends.  We had a busy morning, measuring the kids to see how much they've grown over the year, playing outside, celebrating with cupcakes, and heading to creative centers.

Miss Tara reading the kids one last book

Proud Parents of Frog Graduates

E is for Emerson and an "E"xcellent year at preschool

Miss Tara loved the gift the parents made her, and the kids all signed.  This was Miss Tara's first class of Frogs, so the book was very special to her.

Emerson grew almost two inches this year!!

When a parent assists, the child gets to be the weather and calendar helper for the day....if you hadn't guessed, this is a BIG deal!!

Sweet moment with Miss Tara, Emerson, Salem, Haegan, and Amelia

After some indoor fun, we headed outside to join the Lambs and the Ducks for some outdoor fun.

A motley crew getting into some trouble

Emerson made some great friends at school this year.  Salem was in Emerson's class and Grace was in the Lambs class.  

Emerson achieved a huge accomplishment on the playground this year.  At the beginning of the year, Emerson was scared and didn't have the strength to get up this climber without help.  After much encouragement from Miss Tara and nine months of practice, she was going up without any hitches, like she had been doing it for years.  On that very day, she attempted the new challenge of the spinner (totally my word and not sure if that is the technical term).  She hadn't attempted it all year but got up the courage to do it the last day.  She did a great job and I'm pretty sure this will be her new favorite on the playground next year.  
The Climber

The Spinner

I can't believe how big, and grown-up she is getting.  (BIG Sigh)

Celebrating Emerson's UN-Birthday.  She chose Cade to be her friend at the special table.  

Miss Tara and her Frogs

Thursday, May 19th
On Thursday, the school hosted an end-of-year chapel and family picnic.  Miss Nicolette talked about all the lessons the children had learned that year and how to keep God in their lives and hearts this summer.  The children all had a great time dancing and singing to the music; there was certainly an end-of-school energy in the room.  After chapel, we all filled our plates with potluck yummies brought by each family.  The Frogs class decided to set-up camp outside and it was great to congregate with the parents and the students. 

Chapel Time

Emerson and Daniel were inseparable the last day of school....
 I hope this isn't foreshadowing for teenage years!!  

Last Time singing "Jesus is My Superhero" for the year!!  

Two Peas in a Pod

Miss Tara, Haegan, Emerson, Teddy and Amelia

Emerson will really miss Miss Tara over the summer!
We thoroughly enjoyed our year at preschool.  At times the co-op and drop-off/pick-up can be a bit daunting, especially for two working parents (although working from home helps tremendously), but we wouldn't have traded it for the world.  I completely understand the importance of it, and know Emerson, Danny and I all benefited from the extra time we've gotten to spend together during class, functions, and our three-times-a-week lunches.  In my opinion, it's probably one of the better decisions Danny and I have made as parents.  

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